ANERGO’s contribution to multi-level governance of urban adaptation

In its new report on Urban adaptation in Europe, the European Environment Agency highlighted ANERGO Energy Observatory’s contribution. This observatory has been created in 2015 by Alba Local Energy Agency (ALEA) through the EU project DATA4Action.

DATA4Action aims to improve the access of public authorities to energy data notably thanks to observatories.

ALEA as an official supporter has extended its technical assistance for Covenant of Mayors signatories through ANERGO Regional Energy Observatory by providing support in drawing up their risk and vulnerability assessments in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors including establishing the baseline of existing climate adaptation policies, analysing weather data and defining climate and socio-economic risks.

What’s next for ANERGO?

Now, ANGERGO is planning to further support for municipalities, and assist them in the implementation and monitoring of local Sustainable Energy & Climate Action Plans (SECAPs).

ANERGO’s website

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