Workshop: Information systems for sustainable energy and mobility planning
16 Oct 2014 - Bilbao, Spain


Bilbao, 16th October 2014

Venue: Palacio Euskalduna, Bilbao

Local action and collaboration between the different administrations to promote energy efficiency and renewables has a growing importance due to the economic and environmental costs that the use of energy represents, especially regarding the impact on the greenhouse gas emissions and the climate change, and the capacity of local administrations to act in this area.

Local stakeholders and international experts will have the opportunity of exchanging experiences on planning, modeling and monitoring tools in the topics of sustainable energy and transport organized by EVE and IHOBE in the framework of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme.

The workshop will focus on the instruments and methodologies supporting the collaboration between different administrative levels in the area of sustainable energy, specially highlighting those aspects related to the exchange of data for the calculation of municipal greenhouse gas emissions inventory in transport.

Simultaneous translation will be available (English/Spanish).

EVE – Ente Vasco de la Energia will welcome a joint Data 4 Action and Coopenergy workshop  on the 16th of October 2014 in Bilbao.These two open workshops will focus on “Energy Data for Baseline Emissions Inventory in the Transport Sector” for the Data4Action session and on “Modeling, Planning and Monitoring” for the Coopenergy workshop.

Programme in EnglishSpanish

Workshop presentations



Data4action-Interview to Patrick Biard, Project Coordinator

Data 4 Action–Entrevista a Álvaro Pérez, Responsable del Área de Estudios del EVE



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