Monitoring process of Sustainable Energy Action Plans, 21st of May, Plovdiv


Monitoring process of Sustainable Energy Action Plans - Presentation and video




IRE-Liguria, EAP Plovdiv


Target group: Regional and Local Public Authorities
Content: Tools and methodologies for an effective monitoring of SEAP and its implementation
Relevance to the target group’s needs: Introduction to SEAP Monitoring and access to a framework of existing best practices, funding opportunities and local energy data for monitoring (Energy Observatories).
2nd Thematic Workshop, Monitoring process of SEAPs
Local Public Authorities, stakeholders and international experts had the opportunity of exchanging experiences on SEAP Monitoring, that represent an essential phase to ensure a continuous improvement of the SEAP process, and the related energy data aspects during this event in Plovdiv. This workshop was organized by IRE SpA – Regional Energy Agency (IT) and EAP- Energy Agency of Plovdiv (BG) in the framework of the Data4Action Project and with the support of the Covenant of Mayors.

Summary of the workshop in Prezi presentation:

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  • Lyana Adjarova – EAP Plovdiv
  SESSION 1: Local data for energy planning – SEAPs Monitoring – State of art and case studies
 Introduction SEAP Monitoring, Elodie Bossio FEDARENE/CoMO .
 Concrete examples of Municipalities that have already prepared the monitoring report 

 Implementing regional/provincial support schemes for the monitoring of local SEAPs

  • The example of ELENA funds PROSPER (ELENA by Province of Savona)
    Maria Fabianelli – IRE Liguria
  •  2020Together (MLEI by Province of Turin)
    Silvio De Nigris – Citta Metropolinata de Torino
 How to implement a good monitoring? Benchmarked indicators, tools and cases,

  • Albana Kona, European Commission, Joint Research Center -JRC
    Look at the video below

 SESSION 2: Local data for monitoring of integrated plans / SEAPs Monitoring in Action
 Energy databases and observatories for SEAPs monitoring and benchmarks of excellence. Shining practices for energy databases useful for monitoring SEAPs
Energiluppen, ”The Energy Loupe” – a tool for planners, evaluators, politicians and curious ones

Basque Local Sustainability Observatory

The energy and GHG emissions observatory in Rhône-Alpes : a tool for monitoring regional and local SEAPs

Common policies for local energy planning, air quality and GHG. Developing Energy and Environmental Observatory in Plovdiv,