Dustarella and the Black Kingdom – Observatory's environmental gift to the children in Plovdiv


Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP) supported the theatrical performance for children “Dustarella and the Black Kingdom” by the Bulgarian NGO “Za zemyata”. EAP and Za Zemyata told the story of the air pollution in Bulgaria to the children and their parents.  A stand with materials of the Data4Action project was set for all interested passers-by.
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The theatrical performance was aimed at the children and their parents and told the story of a kingdom where the “black dust” is the currency and every act of the King is to produce more black dust. But because of the black dust, the kingdom is all black and its people are sick and “enchanted” by the black dust. The small princess breaks the spell of the black dust and thus proves to the King and the people of the Black Kingdom that their life is possible without the black dust. The name of the little princess Dustarella is an allusion to the name of Cinderella, but with dust – the popular name for “particle matter”. 
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The story is a big metaphor of the char coal industry – it paints the world in black, the people get sick of the particle matter and other pollutants, but as long as it is the major source of acquiring goods – people will not reject it. Bringing the colours to the kingdom is breaking the spell of the coal industry over our society and marks the introduction of the RES – wind (light blue), sun (yellow), thermal (red/orange), water (blue), etc.

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