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There are many events related to Climate & Energy. Below you will find the Energee Watch selection of relevant events for people interested in energy data and observatories.

Convegno Torino Osservatorio Energia

Convegno Torino Osservatorio Energia Quali numeri abbiamo sulla produzione e l’uso dell’energia nei nostri territori? Quali numeri sono necessari per la definizione delle strategie energetiche future? Quali percorsi comuni verso una statistica energetica aggiornata? Il convegno vuole fare il punto su questi aspetti, anche attraverso il confronto con importanti stakeholders nazionali e locali. Durante l’incontro, […]

Table ronde régionale de Rhône-Alpes, 11 décembre 2014

La première table ronde DATA4ACTION est organisée le 11 décembre 2014 pour permettre de préciser, à partir d’exemples précis, les besoins des territoires rhônalpins en termes de connaissances des flux de chaleur sur leurs territoire et d’organiser la production de ces connaissances en 2015 sur des territoires volontaires. Pour plus d’informations, contactez pierrick.yalamas@raee.org

Workshop: Information systems for sustainable energy and mobility planning

Bilbao, 16th October 2014 Venue: Palacio Euskalduna, Bilbao Local action and collaboration between the different administrations to promote energy efficiency and renewables has a growing importance due to the economic and environmental costs that the use of energy represents, especially regarding the impact on the greenhouse gas emissions and the climate change, and the capacity […]

Data4Action kick-off workshop tillsammans med SEAP-PLUS avslutningskonferens i Piteå 23 september

  Data4Action kick-off workshoppen ordnas tillsammans med SEAP-PLUS avslutningskonferensen i Piteå den 23 september. Konferensens huvudtema är: Från energiplan till resultat: Hur Borgmästaravtalskommuner lyckas med energiomställningen. Under Data4Action workshoppen diskuteras: Åtgärdsplaner för hållbar energi – från datainsamling till handlingsplan Kommuner berättar om sina största utmaningar och sina största framgånger i arbetet med energiinventering och åtgärdsplaner: […]

ManagEnergy – Energy Agencies as supporters of the Covenant of Mayors signatory municipalities

The 3rd ManagEnergy Networking Event for the Directors of Energy Agencies provides a unique opportunity for the attendees to learn and share experiences on sustainable energy financing initiatives at the local and regional level. The 2014 edition of this event will be dedicated to Energy Agencies as key partners of the Covenant of Mayors signatory […]

INSPIRE Conference 2014 in Denmark

INSPIRE is a governance ‘tool’. Good governance, the process of making sound decisions and efficiently implementing them, is more than ever powered by our ability to collect, process, share and use spatial data.  The conference will provide an opportunity to see how INSPIRE is underpinning the implementation of environmental policies, and provide connectivity with other […]