First ENERGee-Watch Annual Meeting at the European Conference – Energy and GHG observation: supporting the transition towards sustainable energy regions


The first annual meeting of ENERGee-Watch will be held during the European Conference: “Energy and GHG observation: supporting the transition towards sustainable energy regions” in Lyon, next December 17 in occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Rhône-Alpes Energy and Greenhouse Gases Regional Observatory (OREGES).

The ENERGee-Watch network will be presented by the President of FEDARENE Jose Ignacio Hormaeche in the morning session.

In the afternoon will take place the ClimactRegions workshop. The ENERGee-Watch Members part of the European Project ClimactRegions will present the results achieved so far in their regions.

Within the ClimactRegions Workshop will be held the first Annual Meeting of ENERGee-Watch. The annual meeting will be an opportunity to discuss about common strategies, exchange of knowledge and the future development of the Network.

The European Conference: “Energy and GHG observation: supporting the transition towards sustainable energy regions” will continue on December 18. The second day of the Conference will be centred on the topic: “Key factors of success, challenges and tools for regional Energy and GHG observatories”. Particular attention will be given to the comparison of European Observatories

Please click here for the final version of the Conference programme.


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