Bucharest Energy and Environment Agency




224 calea victoriei, et.3, ap.12, 010099 Bucharest, ROMANIA


  • Phone : +4 037 810 4834
  • Website : www.managenergy.ro

Legal form

The Local Energy Agency of Bucharest  (Agentia pentru Eficienta Energetica si Protectia Mediului Bucuresti – AEEPM) is an independent, apolitical, legal entity with its own statutes, established as a public not-for-profit (public NGO). AEEPM currently comprises 4 members:
• the municipality of Bucharest District 1 Local Council;
• UGIR (Confederation of Romanian Industrial Employers);
• As. de Proprietari IDH 25 Bucuresti (Private Housing Owners association);
• Mr. Ion DOGEANU (energy expert).

The creation of the Agency as a not-for-profit organisation (public NGO) is an initiative of the Bucharest District 1 Local Council, in accordance with the Government Ordinance no. 26/31.01.2000 and with the provisions of “IEE-06-159-Energy Management Agency Bucharest Sector 1 setup”, hereinafter “Founding  project” co-funded by the European Commission  through grant agreement EIE/TYPE2/06/159/S12.442669.

Purpose of the Association

The Association operates for the public interest, helping local authorities in the District 1 of Bucharest assess their local energy and environmental issues, and then formulate strategies to address these issues. Working closely with local communities, the agency is a key partner of the Romanian Municipalities Association (AMR – www.amr.ro) helping them define Energy policies and represent the Association at European working groups. Every project managed by the Agency has a Project Board comprising a representative from each stakeholder group involved in the project, as well as an Advisory Board and a Technical & Financial Audit Board. Moreover, AEEPM is involved in several European projects regarding Energy Efficiency and Renewable Sources, which follow their own set of rules.

Topics addressed by the association

• Thermal Refurbishment and Certification of existing buildings
• Promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources;
• Promotion of modern street lighting systems;
• Promotion of traffic optimization;
• Reduction of local environmental pollution (water, air, soil, noise);
• Promotion of waste recycling;
• Education and awareness-raising of citizens for their involvment;
• Access to national and European funds

General Purpose of the Agency:

• Support the local communities in becoming more sustainable through better energy management;
• Work with other agencies in Europe to exchange expertise and best practices;
• Promote the local interests at regional, national, European and international levels