Maramures Energy Agency


  • Adina DUMITRU


Gh. Sincai street nr.46, Baia Mare – 430311 Maramures, Romania


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About us

In 2009, the Maramures County Council created, with the support of Intelligent Energy Europe, a regional energy management agency as an opportunity and necessity for the promotion of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources at county level: the Energy Agency of Maramures – AMEMM.

General Purpose of the Agency

  • Promote the sustainable energy concept and energy management principles at the level of the local authorities, education, health institutions, businesses (irrespective of type of ownership), etc
  • Transpose at local, regional and national level the Community acquis of the European energy policy
  • Encourage the introduction on the local market of the renewable and energy efficiency technologies
  • Change the mentality and behavior of energy users; promote the local interests at regional, national, European and international level and attract funding for local economic and social development programs and projects in the energy and environmental protection field as well as other related fields
  • Promote the existing funding mechanisms (national programs, FREE, BERD, etc)

Maramures County Council

The region of Maramures covers an area of 6304 km2 located in northwest Romania and bordering the Ukraine along the Tisa river. The population amounts to 510 110 inhabitants. The climate is temperate-continental while the topography is predominantly hills and mountains (El. 200 m – 2308 m) with large areas of forests and dense river system.

Maramures County Council is the regional public authority responsible for the co-ordination of the local councils of communes and towns for the purposes of achieving the public services of county interest. One of its main responsibilities is to adopt and monitor the implementation of strategies, prognosis and economical – social programmes for the sustainable development of the county.

Energy Objectives

Maramures has signed the AER Declaration: European Regions for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources, making a commitment to increase its share of renewable energy and boost energy efficiency in the county and setting general energy objectives which would like to refine by translating them into figures. At the same time, the County intends to develop a regional energy strategy to be integrated in the Local Environmental Action Plan and in the medium and long term Sustainable Development Strategy of the county. In order to quantify and achieve its energy targets, the County Council needs to build the necessary capacity within the organisation. In this context, Maramures joined FEDARENE and AER, created an Energy Management Agency and paticipates in various European cooperation projects linked to energy and environmental protection.

Maramures County council has set its energy objectives, as follows:

  • Increase of energy efficiency at regional level by promoting energy management practices, improving the energy performance of public buildings in the region, awareness raising and motivation of citizens with respect to the efficient energy use
  • Create a Local Energy Agency
  • Increase the share of renewable energy sources at regional level and implementation of new technologies for electrical power production
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions for all activities in order to stop climate change
  • Minimise the environmental impact of the production, transport, distribution and utilisation of all energy forms.