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  • - Indicators for adaptation to climate change


  • Marie-Laure Falque Masset
    Energy and Climate team manager


15 Rue Falguière, Paris, France


  • Phone : +33 1 82 52 88 00

About us

On 3 July 2018, the Île-de-France Region adopted a Regional Energy-Climate Strategy which sets ambitious objectives in terms of energy efficiency, renewable energy production and reduction of energy dependency, with two horizons:

by 2030, halving dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power compared to 2015;
to move towards a 100% RE and zero carbon region by 2050.

Launched in April 2019, AREC îdF aims to facilitate and accelerate the energy transition and adaptation to climate change by assisting local authorities and other stakeholders in Ile-de-France. At the interface of the different territorial scales, AREC îdF coordinates and supports the relay actors in the territories to implement the strategy’s objectives locally.

As the Institute’s energy-climate department, AREC îdF carries out its missions in close collaboration with the other departments with a view to strengthening cross-disciplinarity and mobilising multidisciplinary teams

What is AREC working on?

Focusing on cross-sectoral, participatory and multi-stakeholder approaches, AREC’s missions are organised around four axes:

  • Observation and production of knowledge to support the energy and climate transition in Île-de-France;
  • Providing expertise, support and technical assistance to the Île-de-France Regional Council in the development and monitoring of its various policies, regional mechanisms and calls for projects in the areas of climate, air, energy and their links with other sectoral policies (economic development, training, housing, etc.).
  • Engineering and expertise to support the design, implementation and evaluation of energy-climate projects and integrated territorial approaches.
  • Information, awareness-raising and training of Île-de-France stakeholders on energy-climate issues

Regional Observatory : ROSE

The objective of ROSE is to collect, consolidate, process and disseminate information, data and scenarios on energy consumption and production and associated greenhouse gas emissions. It reflects the desire to provide the Île-de-France region with a specific instrument for knowledge, support and monitoring of the actions carried out in terms of energy management, the development of renewable energies and the fight against climate change.
The ROSE data constitute, for the fields and years they cover, the regional reference data.

ROSE’s work contributes in particular to the monitoring of the Regional Climate, Air and Energy Plan (SRCAE), the Regional Energy-Climate Strategy and to the development and monitoring of territorial Climate-Air-Environment Plans.

The observatory wishes to offer territories, particularly those involved in the preparation or revision of a PCAET, SCoT or PLU, a better understanding and monitoring of the specific territorial characteristics of the Île-de-France region, particularly with regard to energy consumption by sector of economic activity, by energy and by use, local production of renewable and recovery energy, and greenhouse gas emissions.

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ROSE – Regional Observatory for Energy and GHG Emissions [FR]

The ROSE is involved in the elaboration of the regional plan for climate and is providing data to local authorities in the Paris region dealing with their territorial energy and climate plan. The observatory is monitoring: final energy consumption, energy production (mainly from renewable sources) and energy distribution (district heating mainly), and Energetic and non-energetic GHG emissions, including CH4 emissions from the agriculture sector.