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About us

3 CEA is a non-profit, independent energy agency working primarily in Carlow, Kilkenny and Wexford.

3cea’s Vision

Our Region is a leader in sustainable efficient use of locally produced clean energy delivering low carbon homes, jobs and enterprise.

  • Be Energy Efficient
    A region that encourages and enables its energy consumers to act responsibly.
  • Use Clean Energy
    A Region that has produces surplus local clean energy supply. (a nett positive energy region)
  • Empower Citizens
    A region that encourages and enables its citizens) to act and participate easily and effectively in the energy transition with rewards for their investment (time, effort, money and actions)
  • Be Sustainable
    A region that is an attractive place to live, work, play and invest

3cea’s Mission

The 3cea will play a strategic role regionally, partnering with its members and supporting all stakeholders on their energy transition journey to 2030 and beyond. 3cea will continue to play a leading role in the region by initiating exemplar local actions, working in collaboration with our member groups.

Aim 1
Be the Trusted Intermediary between the citizen and the system.

Aim 2
Offer support to all citizens, communities and businesses, so that they can become increasingly active participants in navigating the energy transition.

Aim 3
Partner with actors with similar goals and values, to ensure achievement of regional targets by 2030.

Aim 4
Develop and deliver projects which increase aggregation and efficiency at a regional level.

Aim 5
Reduce and minimise barriers and challenges.

Aim 6
Prioritise the reduction of fuel poverty and ensuring that no section of the community is left behind.

3cea’s Values

We have framed our values in three pairs, as below. Within each pair, we recognise there is a potential tension that needs to be monitored and managed.

We are Independent and Work in Partnership
3cea is an independent entity of its founders at which its members represent the company whilst sitting upon its board. We will do and say what we believe to be necessary to achieve the region’s energy transition and, at the same time, we will work in partnership with others for the benefit of the region.

We People-Centred and Evidence-Based
The energy transition needs to work for, make sense for and include all people and all communities. We will help to make the transition no more complicated than necessary and, at the same time, our work is based on evidence (data, research and reflection). We will seek to use our experience and evidence to contribute to continuous improvements in policy and practice.

We are Innovative and Reliable
At 3cea, we enjoy innovating and removing barriers and seek to share our innovations widely. We can be trusted to deliver ongoing services reliably to high standards and to be open, honest and accountable for our results.

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