Zlin Region Energy Agency


  • Tomas PERUTKA


Energetická agentura Zlínského kraje, o.p.s. Trída Tomáše Bati 21, 761 90 Zlín, Czech Republic


  • Phone : +420 577 043 945

About us

The Energy agency of the Zlín region was established by the Zlín Region with the support of IEE programme in 2006. The Zlín Region is the founder and 100% owner of the agency. The agency initiates, prepares and promotes projects focused on improvement of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources utilisation and obtains their funding from private and public (regional, national and/or EU) sources. Fulfilling of the Regional energy plan of the Zlin region is an important activity of the agency as well. The Energy plan of the Zlin region is stemming from the National energy conception with two main objectives: reduce of 20 % green house emission and increase the share of renewable energy sources to 13 % of total energy production by 2020 in the whole Czech Republic.  Furthermore, the Energy plan has been used as a base for creation municipal energy conceptions and ground plans.

Services provided by the energy agency:

  • Renewable energy sources promotion (solar energy, biomass, biogas, wind power, water power)
  • Energetic consultancy leading to increasing of the energy efficiency and self sufficiency
  • Education in energy efficiency and sustainable energy
  • Dissemination and good practice promotion
  • Low-energetic housing and building promotion
  • Initiation, preparation and realization of energy focused projects for regions, towns, villages, SMEs and individuals
  • Support to establishment of the energy management in buildings
  • International cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency projects

The Zlin Region, Czech Republic

The Zlin region is a frontier region with the population about 591 000 inhabitants and covers the area of 3 964 km². The region has both agriculture and industrial tradition and its location and characteristics predestine the region to a considerable utilisation of local sources of renewable energy, above all biomass energy, solar energy and hydro energy. Most of the consumed electricity is imported from other parts of the Czech Republic. District heating systems utilizing coal, natural gas or biomass are built in several towns and villages. The tourism is focused on the nature, large protected areas, historical landmarks and local traditions – the region consists of three historically different ethnographic regions.

In 2004, the Zlin Region adopted the Conception of emission and immission reduction in the Zlin region (further “Conception”). The main objective of the Conception is continuous decreasing in air pollution in the Zlin region with the outlooks for years 2010 and 2025.  The Conception consists of six parts, which together provide the overview of the emission situation in the region, description of potential scenarios and a framework for implementation of the Conception on the regional and municipal level. Moreover, the Zlin Region has established the Energy agency of the Zlin region in 2006. The agency was established upon the recommendation of the Conception and with the support of IEE program. The agency is continuously implementing the Conception by initiating, preparing and administrating the projects replenishing the goals of the Conception.