Official launch of the ENERGee Watch projet

Energee watch has now received funding under the H2020 programme to launch a peer to peer learning program to enable regional and local authorities to timely and accurately define, monitor and verify their sustainable actions.

Its objectives are:

  • To develop and execute a complete and easily replicable peer-to-peer learning program
  • To build capacity of regional authorities in monitoring and verification practices for adaptation and mitigation actions through peer-to-peer learning activities
  • To help public authorities and their agencies use the rich experience available
  • To link regional authorities and their respective associations along with energy policymakers, associations of planners, technical experts, monitoring, verification, reporting (MRV) experts, and local actors in an intra-European network through an innovative peer-to-peer learning experience about local and regional MRV practices for both adaptation and mitigation policies

The peer learning programme will start in 2021 and will address four topics

  • Energy and Climate Data collection
  • Monitoring, Reporting, Verification
  • Indicators and planning for climate adaptation
  • Data display, dissemination and validation by end-users

Building on the IEE Data4action project and on the Energee Watch network of observatories, the project will run from September 2020 to August 2023

Stay tuned !

Commission adopts two ETS regulations on monitoring, reporting, verification and accreditation

21/06/2012 – Today the European Commission completed the adoption procedure under comitology process for two Regulations on monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and on verification and accreditation of verifiers under the EU Emissions Trading System.

ManagEnergy, Energy Agencies Directors Networking Meeting

ManagEnergy, Energy Agencies Directors Networking Meeting The ManagEnergy event was dedicated to Regional and Local Energy Agencies as key partners of the Covenant of Mayors through the support that they can bring both to signatory municipalities in developing and implementing their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPS), and to provinces and regions (Covenant Territorial Coordinators) in technically coordinating […]

European Statistics Code of Practice – revised edition 2011

Source:   The European Statistics Code of Practice for the National and Community Statistical Authorities was first adopted by the European Statistical System Committee (ESSC) in February 2005 and promulgated in the Commission Recommendation COM(2005)217 on the independence, integrity and accountability of the national and Community statistical authorities. The Code is based on 15 […]

Key figures in Rhône-Alpes

The OREGES Rhône-Alpes released the english version for key figures about energy consumption, energy production and GHG emissions. Download publications and you will know eveything about energy in Rhône-Alpes!