Official launch of the ENERGee Watch projet

Energee watch has now received funding under the H2020 programme to launch a peer to peer learning program to enable regional and local authorities to timely and accurately define, monitor and verify their sustainable actions.

Its objectives are:

  • To develop and execute a complete and easily replicable peer-to-peer learning program
  • To build capacity of regional authorities in monitoring and verification practices for adaptation and mitigation actions through peer-to-peer learning activities
  • To help public authorities and their agencies use the rich experience available
  • To link regional authorities and their respective associations along with energy policymakers, associations of planners, technical experts, monitoring, verification, reporting (MRV) experts, and local actors in an intra-European network through an innovative peer-to-peer learning experience about local and regional MRV practices for both adaptation and mitigation policies

The peer learning programme will start in 2021 and will address four topics

  • Energy and Climate Data collection
  • Monitoring, Reporting, Verification
  • Indicators and planning for climate adaptation
  • Data display, dissemination and validation by end-users

Building on the IEE Data4action project and on the Energee Watch network of observatories, the project will run from September 2020 to August 2023

Stay tuned !

ORECA – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Observatory: new data [FR]

L’équipe de l’Observatoire Régional de l’Energie, du Climat et de l’Air a le plaisir de vous informer des toutes dernières mises à jour et publications réalisées sur son site internet : Données départementales relatives au solaire photovoltaïque (individuel et parcs) jusqu’en Septembre 2015, Mise à jour du potentiel hydroélectrique de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Mise à jour des […]

International Climate finance

Source: DG Clima of the EC –   Significant financial resources will be needed to help developing countries deal adequately with climate change, both to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to adapt to the consequences of climate change. The European Union is the largest contributor of climate finance to developing countries and the world’s […]

Territorial Energy Data for Planning and Energy-Climate Action

This document reviews data on potential for energy management, renewable energy development and recovery, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. It provides information on the regulatory framework, methodological elements, recommendations for conducting a study of the potential of the French territory, as well as community testimonials.  It was produced by Club STEP (Synergies for Energy Transition through Planning) – which has been working since […]

Dynamic introductory presentation by Data4Action

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