SURVEY on multi-level governance for sustainable energy – COOPENERGY project (by 31st Oct)

Are you working on sustainable energy with regional and local authorities in your area or on wider climate change initiatives?Then please take part in a short European SURVEY regarding your experience, to help the new European COOPENERGY project: in English, Italian, Spanish, French,by 31st October2013.The survey only takes about 15 minutes to complete. COOPENERGY (co-financed by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the EU) aims to develop a range of resources to support county councils and regional public authorities to work more effectively with local authorities in their regions, for sustainable energy. To inform these resources, we are keen to hear how other county and regional councils are already working well with their local partners, particularly when working in partnership to deliver strategies or joint initiatives which focus on energy efficiency, housing retrofit and renewable energy.

By responding to the survey:
• Your good practice may be selected as one of 60 good practices being showcased online, through the COOPENERGY website and other channels across Europe.
• A selected number of respondents will be invited to participate in COOPENERGY international events to share experiences (travel costs covered by the project).

If you are interested in learning more about how regional authorities are collaborating on sustainable energy, please visit the COOPENERGY project website where case studies and newsletters will be developed after the European survey has closed: For further information about the survey or the project, please contact with the subject line “Coopenergy”

.Many thanks for your input,
FEDARENE, on behalf of the COOPENERGY consortium.

Joint Exchange: ANERGO energy observatory with AEEPM Bucharest

New steps in replicating ANERGO energy observatory: ALEA and AEEPM experience transfer Established at county level Alba Local Energy Agency – ALEA is a non-profit organisation and an authority intended to participate in the sustainable development of Alba county by improving the current situation.

Mershartility European Roundtable

On the 10th of March 2015, Mershartility  will organise a round table aiming at sharing expertise on energy data collection, sharing data and  supporting the improvement of the EU and national frameworks influencing this process. Date: 10th of March 2015 Venue: Committee of the Régions, Rue Belliard 99-101 B – 1040 Brussels

Data4Action & ENERGee-Watch & Covenant of Mayors Webinar

Future Development of Climate, Energy & GhG Observatories Data4Action project in collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors Office will host a webinar which provides a unique opportunity to listen to, and partake, in a discussion in relation to one of the Covenant of Mayors latest developments in Climate and Energy.  The experience of several regional […]

New Observatory!, Carlow Kilkenny Regional Energy Observatory, IE

Carlow Kilkenny Energy Agency aims to “lead and support Co. Kilkenny & Co. Carlow and beyond to reduce its CO2 emissions by stimulating and contributing to the implementation of best practice in the field of sustainable energy” (