OREGES – Centre-Val de Loire Regional Energy and GHG Observatory [FR]


The Regional Energy and GHG emissions Observatory, re-launched end of 2012, is led by ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency), the Regional Council and the DREAL (Regional State services in charge of environment, planning and housing).


Context and rationale

Lig’Air, the regional air quality monitoring network for the Centre-Val de Loire Region, takes care of the animation of the Observatory since 2012.

Concerning the energy production, the Centre-Val de Loire area is characterised by 4 nuclear power sites. Total electricity production is covering about 4 times the regional electricity consumption. About 80% of the total energy consumption is for transportation and buildings.


The four missions of the Observatory are:

  • To collect, gather, analyse and diffuse information at the regional and infra regional levels on the different constituents of energy production and consumption and GHG emissions.
  • To support public policies, by defining key indicators for the regional energy plans such as the Regional Climate, Air and Energy Scheme (SRCAE) but also for local authorities
  • To carry out specific studies on local energy resources, needs and consumption and their determiners
  • To run a network of partners, key regional actors in order to share the regional energy and GHG issues

Main results

In 2015 was published the first balance on production and energy consumption, based on a methodology defined in a work group. Many data were collected through partners
and public surveys. Data for the reference 2012 are published in a scoreboard (table dedicated to extract data) but also in a 4 pages communication and a full report.
In 2015 also the data base for local authorities (data at communal scale) with energy consumption, energy production and GHG emissions coming from the same frame (Inventory leaded by Lig’Air).