Take the ENERGee Watch course!

We know there are many needs around energy and climate data. This was our insight to bring the ENERGee Watch project and learning programme to life!

The ENERGee Watch Learning Programme was organised in 3 cycles, in-person/online, in the period of 2020-2023, gathering from all over Europe representatives of local and regional authorities, energy and climate agencies, researchers and other interested parties. The mentees were offered guidance during the months of the programme and all developed an Action Plan for their region or municipality.

Four modules were developed and delivered by experts from four European energy and climate agencies partnering the project:
1: Energy data collection (acquisition and treatment)
2: Monitoring, reporting, verification: follow up on implementation of actions
3: Indicators and strategies on adaptation to climate change
4: Data display, dissemination and validation by end users

In May 2023 the ENERGee Watch team organised online the condensed version of the learning programme, following the same structure of the four modules – the ENERGee Watch crash-course on energy and climate data. This is the course we invite you to take below.

The courses are particularly ordered to build on the knowledge of the previous one. Each course takes around three hours to complete. We invite you to access all sessions at your own pace, but we propose that you begin with the first unit and follow the proposed structure. Enjoy!