Who We Are

The overall aim of ENERGee WATCH is to launch a peer to peer learning program to enable regional and local authorities to timely and accurately define, monitor and verify their sustainable actions. The learning will focus on regional/provincial authorities and their agencies that are responsible for collecting and overseeing the monitoring of mitigation and adaptation measure indicators in order to empower them to make use of best practices. The project builds on, among others, Covenant of Mayors Sustainable energy and climate guidelines, best practices collected through projects on evaluation and verification practices such as EC Horizon 2020 MultEE and EPATEE and the IEE Data4Action and MESHARTILITY and will also promote other successfully implemented monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) practices from cities and regions in the EU. The project builds of the successfully running H2020 PROSPECT project, where cities and regions learned from each other on how to implement innovative financing for their sustainable energy actions. ENERGee Watch goes one step further and aims to enable accurate and successful data collection, dissemination and validation, monitoring and verification practices and choice of proper monitoring indicators in cities and regions across EU.

The ENERGee Watch project stems from the existing informal European network of regional greenhouse gas observatories managed by FEDARENE whose mission is to collect, monitor, report Greenhouse gas (GHG)Emissions and implement energy saving strategies and policies. They currently have 20 members from 11 European countries who will all, among others, benefit from our project.
The added value of the ENERGee WATCH project is that it brings this already existing informal network to a higher level with achieving longer term sustainable energy goals through capacity building.


Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy – NL
Alba Local Energy Agency – RO
Auvergne-Rhône Alpes Energy Environment – FR
Ile de France Regional Energy and Climate Agency – FR
European Federation of Regions and Energy agencies – BE

Energy Agency of Savinjska, Šaleška and Koroška region – SI

Technoeconomics of Energy and Environmental Systems Laboratory – University of Piraeus – GR

Cyprus Energy Agency – CY
3 Counties Energy agency – IE

Energy Agency of Plovdiv – BG