COURSE 2: Data monitoring, reporting, verification

This course was developed by the Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA).

About the course

Supplementary material

The course below takes around three hours to complete. To facilitate the learning process, the course has been split in sessions, and each session in relevant units. You can follow the videos on this webpage or open them in YouTube. Each video has the start of the units marked with a timestamp.

We invite you to access all sessions at your own pace, but we propose that you begin with the first unit and follow the proposed structure. Enjoy!

Intro to Course + Session 1: Vision setting

00:00 Introduction to Course 2
00:54 Unit 1: The importance of setting a vision for a sustainable future (ppt slides 1-2)
04:34 Unit 2: Tools for setting a vision (ppt slides 3-10)

Session 2: Establishing an Energy & Climate Team

00:00 Unit 1: From the vision to the team (ppt slides 1-5)
05:04 Uniit 2: Structuring an E&CC team (ppt slides 6-13)
12:26 Unit 3: Identifying roles and responsibilities
(ppt slides)
15:28 Unit 4: How to engage key stakeholders in our Action Plans (ppt slides 16-30)

Session 3: Data processing and verification

00:00 Unit 1: SECAPS and data (ppt slides 1-6)
06:50 Unit 2: Reliable data (ppt slides 7-15)

Session 4: Energy modelling and scenarios

00:00 Unit 1: Introduction to energy modelling for local authorities (ppt slides 1-6 )
10:25 Unit 2: Example an Energy Database in Cyprus (ppt slides 7-11)
26:36 Unit 3: Scenarios (ppt slides 12-18)
38:23 Q&A

Session 5: Implementation & successful monitoring

00:00 Unit 1: Introduction to the SECAP process (ppt slides 1-3)
03:17 Unit 2: The SECAP implementation (ppt slides 4-7)
09:11 Unit 3: The SECAP monitoring (ppt slides 8-23)
29:20 Q&A

Congratulations, you completed the second course!