COURSE 3: Indicators and strategies on adaptation to Climate Change

About the course

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The course below takes around three hours to complete. To facilitate the learning process, the course has been split in sessions, and each session in relevant units. You can follow the videos on this webpage or open them in YouTube. Each video has the start of the units marked with a timestamp.

We invite you to access all sessions at your own pace, but we propose that you begin with the first unit and follow the proposed structure. Enjoy!

Intro to Course + Session 1: Fundamentals of adaptation to climate change

00:00 Introduction to Course 3
03:21 Unit 1: Climate change
10:59 Unit 2: What is adaptation?
13:10 Unit 3: Principles and notions connected to adaptation

Session 2: Fundamentals of assessment for adaptation

00:00 Unit 1: Role of public policy evaluation
06:17 Unit 2: Differences between public policy monitoring and evaluation
14:05 Unit 3: How to articulate adaptation and mitigation?

Session 3: Establishing a diagnosis: methods and data

00:00 Unit 1: Climate change adaptation process
01:49 Unit 2: Vulnerability assessment
11:02 Unit 2: Data sources

Session 4: Strategy development/Action Plan

00:00 Unit 1: Building and structuring the Action Plan
21:11 Unit 2: Link with the indicators
23:38 Unit 3: An alternative approach: Budget Climate Assessment
25:52 Unit 4: Conclusions strategy

Session 5: Building and implementing an Action Plan for adaptation – examples of cities of Paris (FR) and Cascais (PT)

00:00 Q&A
06:04 Unit 1: Example of Cascais, Portugal
17:35 Unit 2: Example of Paris, France
36:48 Final words Course 3

Congratulations, you completed the third course!