COURSE 1: Data collection

About the course

Syllabus and materials

The course below takes around three hours to complete. To facilitate the learning process, the course has been split in sessions, and each session in relevant units. You can follow the videos on this webpage or open them in YouTube. Each video has the start of the units marked with a timestamp.

We invite you to access all sessions at your own pace, but we propose that you begin with the first unit and follow the proposed structure. Enjoy!

Intro + Session 1: SECAP – Data collection for baseline review

00:00 Introduction to Course 1
01:30 Unit 1: SEAP-SECAP (ppt slides 3-13)
11:52 Unit 2: Baseline Review (ppt slides 14-19)
19:39 Unit 3: Baseline emission inventory development (ppt slides 23-37)
39:11 Unit 4: Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (ppt slides 38-60)

Session 2: Energy Management

00:00 Unit 1: Introduction to energy management (ppt slides 61-64)
03:24 Unit 2: Setting up an energy management system (ppt slides 65-89)

Session 3: Energy supply and production

00:00 Unit 1: Introduction to energy data (ppt slides 90-93)
05:44 Unit 2: Collecting data (ppt slides 94-100)
17:50 Unit 3: Managing data quality and uncertainty​ (ppt slides 101-105)

Session 4: Transport + Final Q&A

00:00 Unit 1: Collecting data in the transport sector
(ppt slides 106-109)
04:31 Unit 2: Road transport (ppt slides 110-119)
18:36 Unit 3: Rail transportation (ppt slides 120-121)
21:07 Unit 4: Baseline emission inventory for the transport sector (ppt slides 122-123)

Congratulations, you completed the first course!