3rd ManagEnergy Masterclass: learn everything about One-Stop-Shops

ManagEnergy is the European Commission initiative dedicated to regional and local energy agencies. It aims to support them in being leaders in the energy transition and accelerating sustainable energy investments in regions and cities. It is based on the idea that energy agencies are in a unique position to facilitate sustainable energy investments in Europe, but also to support the development and implementation of concrete projects at local/regional level and trigger innovation.

The ManagEnergy Master Classes aim to equip Energy Agencies and Regional and Local Authorities across Europe with the skills and knowledge to foster, stimulate and develop sustainable energy projects in Europe. Designed to build the capacity, expertise and knowledge of energy agencies’ staff, these Master Classes also present opportunities for networking with peers.

After 2 successful editions, the ManagEnergy Master Class will be back from the end of January 2024 for 3 days of intense training on One-Stop-Shops (OSS). This Class will again be delivered in a blended learning format:

  • A first online session will take place on 31 January 2024 morning;
  • The second session is face-to-face in Brussels on 14-15 February (one and a half day);
  • The third and final session will be online on 28 February.

The format of the classes includes problem-solving exercises, workshops, case studies and guest lectures from agencies and organisations relevant to energy investments. 

23 staff from local and regional energy agencies and public authorities were selected to participate in the first Master Class on Market Facilitation and Project Aggregation, delivered in May 2023.

Module content and objectives

This module focuses on the design, development and operation of One Stop Shops (OSS).  While significant focus is given to OSS in the residential retrofit sector, the module will also consider use of OSS on other areas e.g. heat, energy communities, SMEs etc. This module will address market analysis, definition of OSS model appropriate to the sector/region, scope of operations of OSS (from advice through to technical support to finance).  Financial models for OSS and risk assessment including technical, financial, organisation, policy. 

On completion of this module, participants should be able to:

  • Critically evaluate the local/region/national conditions for the establishment of an OSS in their region;
  • Develop an outline business plan for the development of an OSS in their chosen thematic area e.g., retrofitting;
  • Interrogate potential funding sources/programmes and develop a high-quality proposal to fund the OSS establishment;
  • Analyse key legal, human resource and financial considerations in relation to establishment and operation of an OSS, including risk management planning;
  • Appraise opportunities for collaboration with relevant regional stakeholders.

Financial support available

Financial support (up to a maximum of €550) is provided to participants for travel and accommodation costs.  Participants who complete the Master Classes will receive a Digital Badge attesting their participation. 

Interested to apply? Fill in our application form by 8 December to secure your spot!