Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER)

Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER)




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The Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER) is a Moldovan NGO founded on May 14, 2007, as a follow-up of the USAID-funded Municipal Network for Energy Efficiency Program (MUNEE), implemented in the Republic of Moldova during 2001-2007. The Alliance aims to contribute to the promotion of policies and best practices in the field of energy efficiency (EE), renewable energy (RES), climate and environment. To name a few, its areas of expertise include close cooperation with the Government on the approximation of EU directives, elaboration of legal and regulatory framework on EE and RES; municipal energy management and planning, elaboration of Sustainable Action Plans for Energy and Climate; promoting innovative financing schemes and business models for developing the EE and RES market and elaboration of feasibility studies.