Cugir Town Hall

Cugir Town Hall




Strada I. L. Caragiale nr 1, Cugir, jud. Alba, Romania




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Located in the Central-Western part of the country on the Western edge of the Transylvanian basins, Alba County includes within its borders three natural units:

  • Apuseni Mountains west of Somes springs in the Warm and Cold Somes, respectively Aries of Great and Small;
  • The South Carpathians Mountains including some Şurianu Mountains parts, at west of Sebeş Valley and Cindrelul Mountains at east of Sebeş;
  • Podişul Târnavelor in the East.

The city of Cugir occupies the South-West of Alba county. It ​​occupies an area of ​​354.1 km (about 0.148% of total country surface) and its population is currently 25,950 people of which 25,073 people of Romanian descent. Active population comprises of approximately 13,500 people, or 42.9% of the total population, comprised mainly industrial, machinery, textile, woodworking, approximately 31.9% of the total population.

Cugir city climate is temperate-continental with mild tones excessively ‘in plain regions with mild and moderate rainfall in mountainous regions shades.