Energy Management Agency of Maramures

Energy Management Agency of Maramures




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In 2009, the Maramures County Council in partnership with other public institutions established the Energy Management Agency of Maramures (AMEMM). The Agency carries out its activities on the basis of the Grant Agreement IEE/07/Agencies/489/SI2.499572 concluded between the Maramures County Council and Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (EACI) of the European Commission (project funded 75% by Intelligent Energy Europe).

The objectives of AMEMM are to promote the sustainable energy concept and energy management principles at the level of the local authorities, education, health institutions, businesses (irrespective of the type of ownership), etc; transpose at local, regional and national level the Community acquis of the European energy policy; encourage the introduction on the local market of the renewable and energy efficiency technologies; change the mentality and behaviour of energy users; promote the local interests at regional, national, European and international level and attract funding for local economic and social development programs and projects in the energy and environmental protection field as well as other related fields; promote the existing funding mechanisms (national programs, FREE, BERD, etc).