Fyli Municipality

Fyli Municipality




Central Square 13341 Fyli , Attiki , Greece




Website : https://fyli.gr/en/
Email : gd@fyli.gr


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Municipality of Fyli is located in the region of Attica and comprises the Municipal Units of Αno Liosia, Zefyri and Fyli. It covers a total area of 109km2 and the population is approximately 46.000 (2011 census). It is a peri-urban municipality that includes part of Parnitha mountain which is a National Park since 1961.

Municipality of Fyli is an active city in the European Union stage. Through the years, several EU actions and projects have been implemented, aiming to contribute to the overall cohesion policy. Thoroughly understanding the sound effect of local governance to peoples’ lives, we work hard to establish sustainable energy infrastructures, take environmental initiatives and change the environmental footprint of our territory, despite the multiple challenges we encounter.

Furthermore, the Municipality’s well organized mechanism, has been proved able to confront emerging crises. We rapidly reacted at the outburst of COVID-19 pandemic and present an equal reaction on wildfires or severe snowy weather events. In the field of social policy, the dynamic activity and the operational capacity we have, is recognized and rewarded with extra funding. In athletics, education and cultural activities we have as well an active presence. Municipality of Fyli is transforming its identity towards a greener, more digital and sustainable profile and will keep on highlighting European values.