The Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA)

The Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA)




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The Association of Bulgarian Energy Agencies (ABEA) is a non-government organization, registered by the law as a legal entity with non-profit purpose.

The founder members of the Association are legal entities – agencies for energy management on local and regional level, constituted with the financial and methodological assistance of the European Commission.


  • The Association supports its members’ activity and unifies their efforts either for preparation of suggestions for improvement of the national and local (municipal) normative base so that a sustainable energy policy to be ensured and towards their participation in joint projects at national, European, and international/worldwide level.
  • Keeping contacts with the Directorate for Energy aimed at application of the EC directives, as well as participation in its local and regional initiatives.
  • Collaboration with the Ministry of Energy, Sustainable Energy Development Agency /SEDA/ and Ministry of Environment and Waters and other state institutions by the development of suggestions for improving the state normative base regarding a sustainable energy development, a policy of energy efficiency, and implementation of renewable energy sources (RES).
  • Cooperation with SEDA in realization of the state policy for energy saving, introduction of new technologies and RES.
  • Exchange of information and dissemination of best practices and results at worldwide and national level.
  • Assisting the local authorities (including municipalities not belonging to the Association) in initiating and implementing projects connected to energy saving and ecology.The subject of the Association includes studying, initiating and development of projects, normative acts and standards, execution of analyses, consultations and programs in the field of energy efficiency and ecology, implementation of ecologically justified energy technologies, carrying out of training, publishing and distribution of information materials connected with the energy sector, as well as any other activity, not prohibited by the law, concerned with the problems of energy efficiency and environment.

The Mission of ABEA

The mission of ABEA is to coordinate and to join the potential and the experience of its members and to present them and their positions to the Bulgarian governmental, regional and local authorities, the private communities and to the bodies of the EC and the reflex group (DG ENER) of the Directorate on Energy for Europe as well as to the energy efficiency network ManagEnergy and other international organizations and structures.

The Vision of ABEA

In the future plans of the association the main priority of the organization is to build and improve a sustainable structure, which would support and influence the potential and will develop and express the positions of its members to the Bulgarian and European authorities, structures and organization, i. e. to act as a main representative of its members, without restricting their activities.