ANERGO – Alba Energy Observatory [RO]

ANERGO Energy Observatory ( is a newly created observatory trough the European project DATA4ACTION. Alba Local Energy Agency – ALEA, as a project partner, has started the observatory operation as an internal structure. Initially the observatory will provide its services for the Local Authorities from Alba County with the possibility to expand its services in the surrounding counties in the future.

Our key targets are

  • Elaborating public energy consumption reports on annual basis, containing averages of energy consumption trends and prices, BEI & MEI reports for local authorities compatible with Covenant of Mayors, renewable energy production, comparisons and analysis
  • Contribute to an overall decrease of greenhouse gas emissions in the region and promotion of renewable energy production for municipalities and promoting energy efficiency advices for individual consumers (citizens)

The management of the observatory is based on the Regional Steering Committee, whose members can provide useful directions for the observatory operation as they represent Regional and Local Authorities, Energy Data Providers and Energy Facilitators.


The observatory is monitoring:

1. Final Energy consumptions at county level
One of ANERGO’s key missions is setting-up an initial baseline consumptions inventory BEI for the year 2008 to be used as reference (baseline) for the SEAPs of Local Authorities that have signed an agreement with the observatory. This implies collaborations with the Local Authorities and the Energy Data Providers to define and enhance the templates of required energy data. ANERGO has signed collaboration agreements with the main electricity distributor and other key Energy Data Providers in the region.

2. Energy production from renewable sources
The energy production data is collected through figures provided by the Local Energy Data Providers. The production of energy is being taken into consideration when calculating the total GHG emissions at municipal level which is very important for the Sustainable Energy Action Plans of LAs.

Main Objectives

The main long-term objectives of the observatory are:

  • Building and adapting the on-line energy data files for local authorities (LAs), energy data providers and individual consumers.
  • Enhancing partnerships with existing observatory partners and attracting new partners and ways towards a better partnership management at regional level.
  • Elaborating Baseline Emissions Inventories – BEIs for the partner LAs (at least 3 inventories before the end of DATA4ACTION project) and Monitoring Emission Inventories – MEIs that will represent trusted sources of energy data for the LAs.
  • Preparing designated persons from LAs to use ANERGO online tools addressed to LAs.
  • Carrying out experience exchanges and enhancing cooperation with other energy observatories that are already established in Europe and also sustaining the
    development of new energy observatories.
  • Implicating the individual consumers in the process of better understanding and adjusting the average consumption levels of residential areas, as well as providing
    feedback for the individual consumers based on their input. This will be realized through “Your Consumption” section on ANERGO website.