ORCAE Rhone-Alpes – Regional Observatory for Energy and Greenhouse Gases emissions [FR]

ORCAE was born from the regrouping of 3 Observatories from the French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: the Air Observatory, the OREGES (Observatory for Energy and greenhouse gases), and the ORECC (Observatory of Climate Change).

Its role is to provide the French territories with reliable data and analysis at regional and territorial levels. It also intends to be a place of exchange between territorial actors and experts on climate, air and energy.

ORCAE was designed to benefit local authorities, actors in the public sphere, associations, economic actors, academics, and the general public.


The 4 main missions of ORCAE in terms of observation in the fields of climate, air and energy are as follows:

  • Support the development of public policies and regional plans with a dimension relating to air, climate and energy,
  • Contribute to the development of integrated local climate, air and energy diagnostics,
  • Be a centre for resources and information,
  • Be a place of exchange between actors (representatives of the State and public establishments, research and observation organizations, local communities as well as socio-economic actors and associations)

It aims to:

  • Collect, process, analyze data, then design and monitor indicators relating to climate, energy and greenhouse gases, as well as air quality, in complementarity with existing observation tools,
  • Disseminate regional and territorial information, knowledge, indicators, methods and tools for the development of climate – air – energy diagnoses and strategies,
  • Ensure the link, exchange and consistency of this information between the regional level and the national level, and in particular, establish a link between the national and regional level.

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