Evaluation of a photovoltaic study on the Metropolitan Territory

Étude photovoltaïque sur le territoire métropolitain




‘Photovoltaic study on the Metropolitan territory’ provides an evaluation of the conditions of the development of an energy production citizen project.

To do this, a technical diagnosis was established of the potential development of photovoltaic projects in the short and medium term, as well as a diagnosis of the potential mobilization of the actors in the territory.

Alongside this, data collected from the territories has allowed for the proposal of legal and financial arrangements to support the development of the first projects.

The first operation is planned for 2019 in the municipality of Venelles. Another will also take place in Velaux. The cities of La Ciotat, Aix and Marseille, which benefit from a strong potential of sites and motivated citizens, will need a stronger political will before launching their first projects.

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