Our publications consist in a wealth of published documents on Energy & Climate data

Eionet core data flows 2018

Eionet data flow monitoring and progress reporting began in 1999 with an initial geographical coverage of the original 18 EEA member countries and a thematic scope of nine priority data flows. Since then, the list of data flows has expanded to 13 and the number of countries has grown to 39. This briefing presents the […]

Global energy transformation: A roadmap to 2050 (2019 edition)

Increased use of renewable energy, combined with intensified electrification, could prove decisive for the world to meet key climate goals by 2050. This study from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) highlights immediately deployable, cost-effective options for countries to fulfil climate commitments and limit the rise of global temperatures. The envisaged energy transformation would also […]

Evaluation of a photovoltaic study on the Metropolitan Territory

It provides an evaluation of the conditions of the development of an energy production citizen project

2018 ORECA Booklet

The Regional Observatory for Energy, Climate and Air is the result of bringing together twenty major players in the fields of energy, climate and air quality on the territory of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. In 2014, ORE became ORECA, thus integrating themes of air and climate in its skills and adding them to its annual […]

The Climate Plan of the Region Sud Provence-Alpes-Cote D’azur

The regional climate plan sets forth 5 axis and a 100-initiative point to help guide the region in the right direction in order to reach the goal of carbon neutrality for the region by 2050

DATA4Action Publishable Report

The project has now come to an end and the tools, publications and resources we have developed are all available on the  Publications section of this website. With the great number of energy policies and action plans implemented all over Europe (regional, local Sustainable Energy Action Plans – SEAPs…) and the increasing need of accurate energy […]

The Data Access Guidebook for Sustainable Energy Action Plans has been released!

Energy data is crucial for identifying trends in the economic priority sectors to target energy policies and to ensure energy efficiency improvements and increased renewable energy deployment. These measures can then be built in to sustainable energy policies and plans, and their national and local implementation progress can be monitored periodically.

What’s New in Data4action 5

Data4Action, which aims to foster win-win energy data exchange collaboration models between public authorities and energy data providers, keeps you informed on the latest development of the Intelligent Energy Europe project.

Policy Recommendations on improving Energy Data Sharing for Effective Energy Planning at Sub-National Levels

The document summarizes policy recommendations for EU and National Policy Makers on Improving the Access and Collection of Energy Data for sustainable energy planning by sub-national public authorities.

Covenant of Mayors: The Greenhouse Gas Emissions Achievements and Projections

The JRC analysis of the Sustainable Energy Action Plans points out that the CoM signatories’ ambition is to reduce GHG emissions in 2020 by 27%, well above the minimum target of 20%. In European Union Member States, it is estimated that CoM signatories (covering 31% of the EU-28 population in 2014) may represent 31% to […]