The AMB Climate and Energy Plan 2030

The Area Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) Climate and Energy Plan 2030 is a roadmap for climate change and energy transition with a view to 2030. It is a “plan of plans”, including three strategies used by the AMB for several years now to combat climate change: Carbon Management Strategy, Roadmap for Energy Transition and the Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

The Climate and Energy Plan aligns the different metropolitan policies implemented recently with previous initiatives (AMB Sustainability Plan, Climate Declaration) and represents a more ambitious approach by the whole of the AMB to address the commitments of the Climate Change Conference in order to make the metropolitan area more carbon-neutral via a genuine energy transition. With all local administrations joining forces, the Plan will allow AMB to reduce emissions in 2030 by 40% and will also represent true energy transition, promoting the production of local, renewable energy to ensure greater self-sufficiency. This entails a commitment to sustainable mobility that significantly reduces (30%) CO2 emissions, a goal that must be contained in the AMB Metropolitan Mobility Plan (currently being drawn up).

The AMB Climate and Energy Plan contains an energy transition strategy for the area in question, as well as a revised carbon management strategy related to the services provided by the AMB. It also contains the adaptation measures required for the metropolitan region to become more resilient to the impact of climate change.

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The AMB Climate and Energy Plan 2030

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