Launch of the Energy DataHub of the Administration of Castilla y León through the Open Data Portal





The Administration of Castilla y León has published on the portal of open data the Energy Datahub of the Autonomous Administration of Castilla y León.

The main objective of the Board’s Energy Datahub now published in open data is the control of energy expenditure by this autonomous Administration and, consequently, raise awareness internally and externally about energy saving and energy efficiency through the slogan “what is not measured is not consumed”, starting with the Administration itself.

The Energy Datahub of the Board consists of a compendium of computerized energy information through the OPTE tool (Optimización Energética de edificios de la Administración autónoma) developed by EREN and the computer services of the Autonomous Administration. Through this tool, energy contracts are optimized annually and energy purchases are made from the different bodies of the Junta de Castilla y León.

Any citizen, company interested in using the data or even the energy suppliers themselves that offer their energy to the Administration, can in a couple clicks with their tablet or smartphone visualize all the energy data of any hospital, health center, center of education or building of Junta de Castilla y León, being today the only autonomous national administration to publish its energy consumption with this level of detail.

The savings quantified since 2015 have been € 2M per year only in the fixed cost of electricity (already in 2016, the EREN received as a recognition to this tool a second prize from the Ministry of Finance as “Innovation Award in Management ”).

Check the Datahub here.

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