ENERGee Watch crash-course: Europe and online, spring-summer 2023

After three immersive learning cycles over the past two years and building on their success, ENERGee Watch is back with several learning opportunities, created to support the needs of European local/regional authorities and energy/climate stakeholders.

Available free-of-charge and delivered by experts from 7 European energy agencies, the courses and seminars proposed in 2023 deliver the compressed version of the 4 ENERGee Watch modules, an A to Z on the topic of energy and climate data.

The free-of-cost opportunities are organised looking at both European and national perspectives: 4 European-wide webinars delivered in English (May 2023) and 10 in person seminars in 6 countries looking to delve into local realities (spring-summer 2023).


Each week of May is dedicated to one of the 4 ENERGee Watch online crash-courses, particularly ordered to build on the knowledge of the previous one. Each course will have 3-4 hours dedicated. The course descriptions are available here.

Registrations open in April here.


Delivered in the national language and suited to the specific needs of local authorities and stakeholders, the national level opportunities offer the chance to interact face-to-face with colleague stakeholders from your region. Information about location and registration is made available individually by each organiser.

Registrations for the European-wide webinars will open in April. More information on this website and on the @ENERGeeWatch Twitter account.