Energy Observatory of the Metropolitan City of Torino [IT]

The Metropolitan City of Torino is one of Italy’s 14 metropolitan Cities and represents an intermediate level of government between municipalities and Region.

The Metropolitan City of Torino, lying in the north-west of the Italian peninsula on the border with the south-east of France, has, among metropolitan Cities, the highest number of municipalities, 315, and is one of the largest in terms of size. Its demographic density is almost double than the Italian average. Main competences are related to Land Planning, Environmental protection, mobility, transport and high school buildings management.

In energy field, the Metropolitan City of Torino deals with giving licence to power plants, controlling energy performance of boilers and promoting renewable and energy efficiency. The latter activity has been carried out with an increasing commitment during the last years.

The observatory

The metropolitan City of Torino, based on the experience gained as Province of Torino over the years, plays the role of Energy Observatory collecting data from major distributors and energy producers operating in the metropolitan area, as well as getting information from official statistical sources. Every two years the Observatory publishes a Report updating the provincial energy balance and the balance of greenhouse gas emissions associated with the use of energy. Moreover, web-tools, now available to energy sector operators, research centers, government agencies and citizens, have been developed.

This activity is part of the European project Data4Action, which the Metropolitan City is a partner along with 11 other European Energy Observatories.

The activities of Observer is preliminary to other, such as, for example, the role of co-ordinator in the framework of the Covenant of Mayors and other projects supporting the implementation of energy actions at local level.




The Energy Observatory is monitoring final energy consumption, energy production, and GHG emissions at local level
Every 2 years, the Metropolitan City of Torino collects energy data and draw up an Energy Report. In addition to the energy balance, the report includes the calculation of CO2 emissions associated with the energy use and the elaboration of several energy performance indicators.
Data are collected both with a bottom-up approach from municipalities and from local energy dealers and stakeholders, and with top-down approach from national and regional main institutions.

Main Results

  • the work in close cooperation with municipalities, and the good results obtained in terms of SEAPs developed and, thanks to several European projects,
    the goals achieved with pilot projects and the ongoing application of EPC contracts
  • The Observatory contacts them directly to collect the data needed for the drafting of the Energy Reports;
  • the development of Enercloud: a software that can monitor and evaluate, on the basis of data available from energy bills, the consumption of electricity and heat in buildings and the energy consumption of lighting lines public.