Guideline Manual for the Observation of GHG emissions (2011)

The GHG observation system is a powerful tool and the choices of a methodology and approach for implementing it are not neutral. In fact, they contribute strongly to building a representation of the regional impact of climate change and a framework for identifying areas of responsibilities and priorities for action. The tools for GHG accounting and observation must provide an overall picture of GHG emissions and must not be geographically limited to administrative boundaries for analysis (an approach suggested by the concept of “territorial emissions”). It is therefore important to look at the overall picture of sustainable development in a context of solidarity with future generations, solidarity between neighbouring territories, and finally solidarity with the entire planet.


After writing general manuals about the Observation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions, several energy agencies adapted the manuals at their regional context.


Guideline Manual for the Observation of GHG emissions (2011)

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