Peer learning workshop on Data Dissemination & Use

– Workshop objective: Technical exchanges between D4A partners
– Target group: Data4Action partners
– Method: First half day made by presentations (PPs and external experts), Second half day an interactive session among PPs.


The peer learning workshop organized on 19th November 2015 by the metropolitan City of Torino, provided a technical exchange between D4A partners on data dissemination and use different methods. The first session organized with front desk presentations by partners and some external experts gave an overview on some innovative methods and tools useful to process and communicate the energy data to local authorities and different stakeholders. Web GIS and tools, and unconventional way to show energy performance of buildings (carpet plot, energy signature, dials) were presented.
These instruments are really important for the observatories reporting activity, the SEAPs implementing and monitoring, and for better analyze the territorial energy performances.
The second session was dedicated to an interactive discussion between the partners in order to answer to questions submitted by new observatories. The debate highlighted some problems that also the existing observatories continue to face, as the collection of reliable energy data in transport, industrial and agricultural sectors, or even from end users. Another hard issue is the involment of policy-makers in investing for the implementation of the activities of the Energy Observatories. It’s clear to all project partners that there is the need to highlight more and more the utility of having reliable and up to date energy data for the implementation of regional and local territorial strategic planning.
Report on Data Dissemination & Use
(November 2015):

    Overview of interesting ways of presenting data at territorial level (examples from IEA, IRENA, EEA, COM and TOMETRO)
….♦    Silvio De Nigris – TO-Metro
    Aurora cloud-based tool for SEAP monitoring
….♦    Fabrizio Dominici – ISMB
    Presentation of standard tools from PPs [ Booklets, Online tools, Web GIS]
….♦    Pierrick Yalamas – Rhônalpénergie-Environnement
….♦    Ina Karova – EAP
    Unconventional way to show energy performance of buildings to support the use of data by LA [carpet plot, “energy signature”, “dials”, etc…]
….♦    Jacopo Toniolo – Polytechnic of Torino

Peer learning workshop on Data Dissemination & Use

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