Presentations of the workshop: Promoting Sustainable Energy – Data quality to support local action

Target group: Facilitators
Content: Data quality analysis
Relevance to the target group’s needs: Access to local and accurate energy data in order to better identify trends, priority sectors and measures of SEAPs

Thematic Workshop, Promoting Sustainable Energy – Data quality to support local action

Local stakeholders and international experts had the opportunity of exchanging experiences on data collection and improving the quality of this data during this event in Turin. This workshop was organised by the Metropolitan city of Turin in the framework of the Data4Action Project and with the support of the Covenant of Mayors.

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Summary of the workshop in video:

Programme & Presentations

Alberto Avetta, Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Turin
Welcome and  presentation of the Agenda

Session 1 From Data to Action

Moderator: Elodie Bossio, Covenant of Mayors Office

  •  Patrick Biard, RhonAlpEnergie Environnement
    Data exchange collaboration models and European legislation
  • Giulia Melica, Joint Research Centre
    Covenant of Mayors Perspectives
  •  Filippo Baretti, Piedmont Region
    The energy planning strategies in the Piedmont region supporting local authorities
  • Maria Fabianelli, IRE Liguria
    Governance of an energy observatory: the case of Liguria

Session 2 Energy data collection and data quality improvement

Moderator: Alberto Poggio, Polytechnics of Turin

  • Silvio De Nigris, Metropolitan City of Turin
    Quality data at local level: the example of the Metropolitan City of Turin
  • Pierrick Yalamas, Rhonalpenergie-environnement
    Dealing with commercially confidential information
  • Antonio Zonta, Province of Treviso
    Involvement of citizens in the emission inventory development
  • Fabrizio Tollari, ERVET Emilia Romagna
  • Tools to support the regional action

Session 3 Socio-economic data & communication

Moderator: Wolfgang Mehl, Energikontor Norr

  • Albana Kona, Joint Research Centre.
    Covenant of Mayors – monitoring phase: benchmarking indicators and tools
  • Francesco Tarasconi & Vittorio di Tomaso, CELI torino
    Estimating the diffusion of energy sources by analyzing web searches
  • Harriet Thomson, University of Manchester, Fuel Poverty Network
    Fuel poverty indicator: data for policy
  • Giuseppe Gamba, Kyoto Club
  • Local public expenditure: energy savings potential
  • Silvio de Nigris, Metropolitan City of Turin
    Wrap up: how to communicate energy data:  Data4Action to Data4People

Turin, 19th November 2015
Venue: Città Metropolitana di Torino

Presentations of the workshop: Promoting Sustainable Energy – Data quality to support local action

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