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Analysis of needs and experiences on data sharing for SEAP

The report reviews : – the right of consumers to access to their energy data and the obligation of suppliers to provide this data according to European directives, – the regulations on data protection and on public access to environmental information, – the obligations of the administrations at national and local levels to work and […]

DATA 4 ACTION brochure

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Adding to SEAP, more participants, more content across Europe

SEAP-PLUS enhanced the CoM results and impact by bringing more Signatories and Covenant supporting structures into the CoM, encouraging collaboration with energy stakeholders and providing technical support to Signatories for the preparation of more and better SEAPs. Altogether, SEAP-PLUS provided support to more than sixty municipalities in eleven  European countries in developing SEAPs, whilst mobilised […]

Benchmarking of regional energy and GHG emissions monitoring in France

(National Energy Agency of France) launched in 2013 a census and benchmarking of regional energy and GHG emissions monitoring initiatives throughout France. The study provides a benchmark of regional monitoring systems and a synthesis of strategic needs and recommendations. Read the report (Sept. 2014), available in French: Etude comparative des dispositifs d’observations régionaux énergie et […]

Information systems for sustainable energy and mobility planning, Bilbao,16th Oct 2014

Thematic Workshop,  Information systems for sustainable energy and mobility planning Instruments and methodologies for regional and local planning, modeling and monitoring in the area of sustainable energy and transport

Peer Learning Workshop on Partner Management, 15 October 2014, Bilbao

The workshop, organized by NENET in close cooperation with RAEE and the hosting partner EVE, provided concrete examples and testimonies from experienced partners. In addition, the workshop highlighted success factors and transferability conditions, provided indications about the tools and methodologies available, allowed learning partners to share their needs and concerns as well as to recommend […]

Guideline Manual for the Observation of GHG emissions (2011)

The GHG observation system is a powerful tool and the choices of a methodology and approach for implementing it are not neutral. In fact, they contribute strongly to building a representation of the regional impact of climate change and a framework for identifying areas of responsibilities and priorities for action.

GHG and energy observatory of Rhône-Alpes region (OREGES) – Key figures 2012 (edition February 2014)

The consumption of fossil energies, in France as in Rhône-Alpes, although it tends to decrease in favour of electricity, is still the largest, and accounts for 65% of the total final energy consumption. Greenhouse gas emissions are declining steadily since 2005 and in 2012, there are below the level of 1990 (-6%). The Rhône-Alpes region […]

CECILIA2050: Combining Policy Instruments to Achieve Europe’s 2050 Climate Targets

CECILIA2050 is about “Choosing Efficient Combinations of Policy Instruments for Low-carbon development and Innovation to Achieve Europe’s 2050 climate targets.” It is a three-year research project funded by the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme for Research (FP7).  

Measure and share data with utilities for the Covenant of Mayors

The Meshartility report on data sharing practices between energy suppliers and local authorities in Europe is based on an online survey that was conducted between November 2012 and August 2012, as well as on feedback gathered through a number of less formal information gathering interviews. The survey was directed at local authorities, their associations and […]